In the midst of deep pain and sadness it can become a challenge to stay truly and deeply grateful.

When we try to see past those tears and seek out the beauty and light in our lives, a miracle occurs. We start to notice the small, blessed things in life again. A kiss from your love, that toddlers hug, the sweet heavy scent of nearly summer, the sound of busy birds in early morning, raindrops on the roof, special memories you hold dear, the smile of someone you love, a nice cup of coffee or tea.. the list is endless.

All those precious moments are gifts. Gifts to keep in your hart, forever and ever. Even though some of it may end eventually, it stays with you.


~Kitchen love~

All of these pictures are from last year when I discovered an amazing bread recipe through Jenmuna and some nice bread mixes from a local garden store as well..

This recipe is lovely, very lovely. {Thank you SO much for sharing, Jenmun!} It requires minimal work and the outcome is a very delicious bakery-like bread with a good crusty crust.

Mai and bread

Mai Bread

Homemade butter

With homemade butter a real treat.

Recipe from The Homemade Pantry {101 foods you can stop buying & start making}, Alana Chernila.

Also a must try! Heavenly and very simple to make!

Bread 2

Bread 3

In the past we once discovered a lovely millers store near our {former} home. Back then I made {lots of} cakes with their special cake mixes. I even did make some bread, but now I’ve come across this wonderful recipe, I think I’ll prefer this method of baking. That means bread mixes from the mill is now {again} on my wish list.. Will let you know when we’ll have some, if you’re interested in seeing some pics..

What I really wanted to share with you is a recipe I’ve found recently. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s full of promises and red roses. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen such gorgeous pictures of the making of a loaf of bread? Only the title makes me wanna run straight ahead to the kitchen!

~Have you discovered some recipes you’d like to share? Or a cooking book you’d like to recommend?

Would love to hear!

A peek at a special Chocolaterie

Olala Chocola

At the chocolaterie

At the Chocolaterie 4

.Bag with Cocolate

At the Chocolaterie 5

At the Chcolaterie 6

At the Chocolaterie 3

At the Chocolaterie 9

Near the Chocolaterie

Last Saturday we went to town and visited some very lovely places. The children had a blast at a grand playground.

It’s located between two rows of houses and if you’re just passing by, it isn’t obvious that behind the houses a very large playground is suited.

After that we got our favourite ice cream {mint and blueberry muffin taste for me!} and visited the woods. I forget to mention {although all the pictures are related!} that we discovered a new shop. It’s a Chocolaterie {chocolate shop} and what was particularly nice about it, was the fact that you could get a very nice peek at the making of chocolate{!} As a homeschooling mom, I’m often on the hunt for interesting things for the children. And this really was a great way of letting them gain a very good insight into the chocolate making process. The lady of the shop was very kind to us and let the children come {very} close to the machines, with me just behind them. At one point, my youngest daughter actually put her finger in the chocolate {ahum}. Did I already mention my kids are very fond of everything chocolate?

All with all a special experience and of course some amount of chocolate also got home with us. {They didn’t last long enough to take pictures! Sorry!}


~Have you been discovering some new places you wouldn’t want to forget? Tell in the comments, if you’d like! Thank you!



~Kitchen love~


~Lately I’m finding my way back to baking treats more often..  These pictured above I just bought at our local supermarket.

They have a special deal every Saturday. A gentle young man stands near the entrance with a tiny table and oven nearby.

Appelflappen {as they’re called in Holland} are always nice with a cup of tea!



~My very first try on making popovers {never heard of it before}! Soulemama inspired me with her cosy picture, as always!

The recipe calls for nearly the same ingredients as for pancakes, but with a touch of butter.. And you must put them in the oven.

They’re nice for kids, served with strawberry jam and caster sugar. Although I think they would taste good with honey as well.


~Close up of my latest notebook, wherein I’m writing a selection of recipes {given to me by others or taken from old editions of the cooking magazine ‘Allerhande’}.

I also read a very special book a while ago. The author of the book added a few lovely recipes alongside her well woven story {about a granddaughter, mother and grandmother. More about the book later..}.

All those recipes couldn’t be just left in between those pages… had to write them down!


~Peek at one of the recipes, Cheesecake {below}.

Not the most perfect executed version, but I kind of like the rustic touch it has.

And the children truly enjoyed it with their friends… that’s all that matters!




~What have you been making in your kitchen lately?

Would love to hear!

In Green and Blue




In greenn

In green

Italian restaurant

Candle light


Sometimes inspiration doesn’t seem to thrive, even though

you’ve visited the cosy Italian restaurant where they serve the most delicious food,

you’ve visited a very beautiful piece of land,

noticed beauty at home…

have your loved ones near and dear..


Would love to hear where you get your inspiration from these days!


And soon,

I’ll share with you some of the great books I’ve read lately. So stay tuned!