My heart is heavy with thoughts of Libya. Last Ramadhân we were welcomed by a very loving and warm family from Tripoli to spend the last days of Ramadhân with them and ‘Ied.  Hamdoelillâh they are currently outside the country, but I’m very concerned about the other sweet people we met there and also the families we do not know.

May Allâh The AllMigthy and AllWise protect the muslims there and everywhere, Ameen.


In the Name of Allâh The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

It is my hope -InshaAllâh- to write down the blessings I’m grateful for. The many gifts He has given us. To see them in the small things and to be humble and grateful – even in the midst of family chaos. It is truly a blessing to have children. Even though many times you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed. But most of all blessed.

All Praises are for Him alone. We thank Him and ask for guidance from Him. May He protect us always, Ameen.