So very loved

I feel loved. So very loved.

The flowers he gave me. So rich and full.
Beautiful scent and colors.
Gracious lines with scattered tiny flowers.
Between them other ones in various sizes.

They all shine in all its glory.

Like they wanna tell me, all with their own touch and voice, I’m made for you, especially made for you!

By Him, in Whose Hand is the eternal Grace.

The flowers are given to me and with it comes a great feeling.

Though during the moment I stretch my hands to take the bouquet full of flowers, He may not seem fully, fully present for some, but He indeed is.

Always will be!

The flowers, His gift to me.

The confirmation of His love for me, the flowers.

Grace it is.

And o so rich.

It goes beyond we can see.

Those tiny leaves, some curled up, others full in bloom, they were made by Him!

The intensity and the softness of the colors, all made and planned by Him.

I truly love Him and I hope to strive more and more to become so very close to Him, that He shall shelter me with His gentle love.


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