Wednesday was a special day. With a family visit planned for the afternoon, we bought some delicious Moroccan cookies from our bakery. I love cookies, but this cookies have an extra special flavour. Sweet and delicate they are. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Served with authentic Moroccan thea, they really are a favourite treat in our family.

Dinner included grilled aubergine and zucchini, salad and potatoes from the oven. Very nice with freshly baked bread {No, not by me, although I intend to make bread myself more often, InshaAllâh}.

The girls received handmade gifts, beautifully knitted hats for the winter to come, alongside a vest and trousers for Mai and especially a surprise was the tiny wooden bird house to make and hang outside. Oh, and have you ever heard of rose syrup?

All with all a beautiful afternoon and evening, full of joy and grace.

And in the end there was the tradition. The waving, waving, while they walked away from our home, untill nearly out of sight.

Bliss it was.

I hope we will receive the gift of sharing more and more cherishing moments to come.