Gifts, gifts, gifts and making the Counting a Habit


We love to celebrate and embrace the little things- like drinking Moroccan tea on a quiet evening,

or visiting a small shop with all kinds of delicious nuts and dried fruits, chocolate and honey {especially the children love this while they can taste so many different nuts while we decide which one we’ll take home this time},

or baking a special pie together and so forth.

 My wish would be for my children that when they’re grown up InshaAllâh,

 that they will have sweet memories of Fridays.

That the Fridays are held close and dear to their hearts, as very special days,

as days of celebrating a little bit more than we usually do-

for every new day is indeed special and a gift.

That every Friday will become a Feast and a day to look forward to.

In addition I will hopefully focus on the counting of gifts, following and sharing with you Ann’s {February’s} joy dare, to capture the gifts we are bestowed with in our lives… writing down three gifts each day..


Gift counting, February, Friday the 17th and one from the day before->

*}   Golden honey pearls on delicious toast

*}   Making hearts out of bread

*}   Stacking fruit in lines above lines, beautiful for the sight and delicious to eat. Blueberries, plums, blue grapes and minola

*}  In the evening serving chocolate cake, actually too late, but oh so cozy


2 thoughts on “Gifts, gifts, gifts and making the Counting a Habit

  1. You are creating such a wonderful cozy life for your family. I love the gifts, and I love the pictures.
    I’m looking forward to coming over and knitting flowers with you.

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