These vintage corners of hers

{At the beginning of each week I hope to share with you some inspiring photo’s from a dear friend of mine, named Jack. I will write a story behind her beautiful pictures, InshaAllâh, and name the post as above.

This is the first post- so enjoy!}



The house she lives in is a beautiful, light house surrounded by lots of nature and some other houses as well.


When you enter it, you can féél the quiet atmosphere. They have wooden floors downstairs. I totally love that aspect! Makes it all the more cozy. Having lunch on special table cloths, a steaming teapot with green biological tea ready for you.


The house is filled with love and care. People who love and care. A painting here, a handmade clock there.. true family bliss and treasures from all over the years of their being together… till all the way back when Jack was still a little girl with short hair and a lovely smile on her face. Eager to climb trees and play with dolls.




Now she sews and paints and writes. It’s hard to say which of the three she likes the most, but I know that sewing has a very, very special place in her heart, just as it has in mine. I love to share this with her, the love for sewing, making beautiful things out of fabric.


To create something and to find pleasure and contentment therein is indeed a great gift from our Creator.


We are created by Him and He allows us to explore creating non-living things in small and sometimes bigger ways, but always very, very small compared to Him.


He is the Ever Living, Supreme.


Through the path, the light of seeing beauty, feeling it… that is really, really a treasure. The life it gives, through His blessings, that makes you feel jumping up and down with great joy!


Cups filled with joy, overflowing with joy, step by step, small and humble beginnings, ready to blossom into pure and fresh goodness… like the coming of


Sunny {!} days and picnics and sand between toes and growing tomatoes and chocolate milk, with the ones we love..


All praise is for Allâh!


Thank You Allâh, for letting us grow and for protecting us.


Which corners of your home/garden/city inspire you this week?




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