~ These days

Allâh is the All Wise, the Most Gracious.


These days I try to focus on


the quietness of soul  {through rough storms}


inner calmness {with the help of prayer and meditation}


through embracing the beauty that surrounds us, to see through, to find and to explore, to cherish hope and to put strength out of faith.


Allâh is always with us.

So very near.

In and through His Light All is Grace and when you trust in Him, all things will become fine. A just and plain fine, filled with humble and deep gratitude.


Wishing you blessed {first} Spring days!










4 thoughts on “~ These days

  1. Beautiful pictures Tessi. I love the cape! And the green yarn. And the yarn with all the colours! (what are you making with it?) I hope I can come over soon, and make things with you and the children! ❤

  2. it’s rainy and cold here so we declared it pajama day! it’s been a day of play and stitching and baking. kind of perfect for a dreary saturday. love your photos and this peek into your life.

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