A few more..

Well, just a few more ’cause place and athmosphere were lovely..






The sign near the window stated~ Coffee and fresh juice. Homebaked pie. {And they had plenty!} Nice lunch. English antiques and furniture.


It was a treat, finding this place. Hamdoelillâh.


{Just a note, it is tea we love, though coffee sometimes may sound cozy to me. What do you prefer? Hot coffee or tasty tea?}



10 thoughts on “A few more..

  1. Lovely pictures.

    Is that the couch you were talking about, in the fourth picture? I LOVE it. You should definitely get it!

    I like both coffee and tea, but you know that. (and water, and juice, and hot chocolate when it’s winter)

    • The couch is indeed lovely. And the vintage play things they have for children and the beautiful mugs and the paintings and the little details they add when serving, like tiny sweets and fruit des bois for decorating. {And eating, of course}. Fresh juice, tell me about it. Nice, nice. Especially now many warm days are awaiting us…. InshaAllâh!

  2. salam aleikoum sister,
    such a beautiful place, I can imagine that you felt well there. how are you and the kids? I remember your visit almost a year ago…wishing you a lovely summer this year!

    • Wa Aleykoem Salâm sis,

      Hamdoelillâh we are fine, hopefully you and your family also. Although it is almost a year, sweet memories are held close Hamdoelillâh.. Give your family our Sâlam Insh..!

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