The smallest things can bring you a smile as wide as the ocean..

The smallest things can unlock your sadness and turn it into wild roses, full of life and happiness..

The smallest things can make you humble and loving..

The smallest things can keep you on the right path Insh..

The smallest things are the things that are often overlooked, but when looked upon close, become a source of strenght and can hold a great value which we would never want to loose track of ever again..

Let us be among the ones who are filled with much honour and gratitude. Let us be among the loveable, the nourishing, the wise, the noble, goodlooking, gentle and strong, most of all patient people.



I need a looooooot of that.

Patience is a virtue, a treasure, a fontain of sweetness.

Ok, let’s try to remember that the next time I’m in need of sugar sweet patience, shall we?

Wishing you a lot of peace in your days, as you’re celebrating the coming of {hopefully~ for we never certainly know} warm breezy summer days..

~~xoxo, Tasneem


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