Three bouquets on a very special Sunday

Have I told you already how much I love flowers?

There’s something about them that’s just plain magical. Magical as in beautifully, perfectly created by the Most Beloved.

In a spare moment this Ied, a moment with my youngest daughter, I took home with me three bouquets of pretty flowers, to celebrate just a bit more the end of another Ramadhân. A Ramadhân which I already miss, a Ramadhân in which we stayed home, instead of travelling to muslim countries. A Ramadhân I needed so much.

For all of you who celebrated.. {Yesterday I couldn’t find the time to write}->

Wishing you and your loved ones a lovely and blessed Ied, filled with joy and grace! Hopefully the beautiful and calm atmosphere of Ramadhân will stay close with us during the months to come, InshaAllâh.

And there’s something I would like to share with ya all.

I came across something so beautiful, so smooth to bring in these {finally!} warm summer days.

It’s from Ann from A Holy Experience. I love her ideas! Visit:

And read her list below:

The Easy Before-Summer-Ends Plan

{14 Things to do in the last 2 weeks}

Written and originally posted by Ann Voskamp

Just one a day:

1. Make a fruit pie

2. Eat under stars

3. Walk through one woods


4. Dip both feet in water

5. Sing hymns around flame {choice: candles or campfire}

6. Lick drippy ice cream


7. Find a swing and swing high

8. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers : set in sill. Or give it away.

9. Play one game of anything out on grass {frisbee, baseball, soccer, croquet, volleyball}


10. Eat something fresh {from the garden or the market or your mother’s}

11. Lay down on grass, look up and watch clouds for five minutes

12. Go to a park and play until something in you feels lighter


13. Open a window. Listen to the world. Slow. Still.

Pray before that open window.

14. Sit with someone you love and watch the sunset. Say it out loud: Thank you.

~ x x x ~