~ Slices of sugar sweet oranges coated with dark chocolate.


~ Bread topped high with delicious jam.


~ Nice pictures, with a very inspiring idea. Bringing the comfort and pleasures of a good cup of tea to the wonders of our precious children so they may love and cherish tea time as much as we ought to love. Tea brings warmth and coziness and love, I think.


~ My four-year old sweetheart showing me her lovely English flashcards while I’m writing this post. I love her so much.


~ Autumn! My favourite season. All seasons hold a special place in my heart, but this one particularly because of the beautiful lightning, leaves and rain! Rain is such a blessing from Above.


~ My six-year-old boy who really wants to sew with me, and is now patiently waiting for me. We’re planning to make Amanda’s rag rug {from the Handmade Home}, which you can also find in Farm Anatomy from Julia Rothman. Which also is a pleasant read filled with lots of interesting pictures for little ones {and adults too!} to discover and learn from.


~ Of course I truly love my youngest daughter {who is dreaming right now} and my wonderful love {who is at his office and is working really hard for us} as much as I love my four and six-year-old. I just had to mention that!


~ This space in which we can inspire each other, encourage each other and bring each other smiles when we’re in extra need of them. Although I miss my camera {it had to be repaired}, I’ll try to write more often. Writing brings so much joy!


Wishing you a most lovely rest of the day!



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