A day in December ~ 30 days of Beauty ~ Day 6




~From our little trip to the city we used to live in.

Drinking hot chocolate together, after shopping.

My six-year-old son pointed me with my {/our} camera in the direction of this pretty flower, on the table next to us.

{Yes, I officially share my camera right now!}

Treasuring these moments of ours.. Hamdoelillâh.

Wishes ~ 30 days of Beauty ~ Day 1

On the table



One of the things I’d like to become more of a habit this year, is writing.


I’d like to write here more often,

I’d like to often write cards to my children {a while ago I found a couple of lovely, lovely cards!},

to keep a notebook with lovely things for myself.


Via bluebirdbaby I read this wonderful idea, to journal 30 days of beauty,

30 days of beauty, in the middle of winter.


So that will hopefully be the beginning of the journey->

Every day one picture taken by me,

only a few words alongside it.


So, will you join me?


Thank you, Erin, for sharing your idea and making the nice button!




This picture of today is inspired by a good friend of us, who stayed at our new home last saturday and made a series of excellent photo’s for a dream that is in the making, InshaAllâh. More about that later..

Wishing you a wonderful day & keep searching for the seemingly simple, yet so true and wonderful beauty that surrounds us!