Wishes ~ 30 days of Beauty ~ Day 1

On the table



One of the things I’d like to become more of a habit this year, is writing.


I’d like to write here more often,

I’d like to often write cards to my children {a while ago I found a couple of lovely, lovely cards!},

to keep a notebook with lovely things for myself.


Via bluebirdbaby I read this wonderful idea, to journal 30 days of beauty,

30 days of beauty, in the middle of winter.


So that will hopefully be the beginning of the journey->

Every day one picture taken by me,

only a few words alongside it.


So, will you join me?


Thank you, Erin, for sharing your idea and making the nice button!




This picture of today is inspired by a good friend of us, who stayed at our new home last saturday and made a series of excellent photo’s for a dream that is in the making, InshaAllâh. More about that later..

Wishing you a wonderful day & keep searching for the seemingly simple, yet so true and wonderful beauty that surrounds us!









2 thoughts on “Wishes ~ 30 days of Beauty ~ Day 1

  1. beautiful

    thank you for sharing

    i just found 3 cherries in my car trunk after posting a wonderful teaching (from GOD)
    on a site abouty chastity (love and lust / the differences)

    i went shopping earlier and they must have fallen out of the bag
    (and i never have this happen) – ever

    i don’t often search for signs (but i did on this)
    and led me here (somehow) , a web search

    the love you have is clear and pure (for the family)

    many blessings for you (and them)

    life is wonderful when “THE LORD” (and CREATOR) leads and guides “us”
    speaking as a Christian believer

    one who serves THE MOST HIGH
    ( which is my honor )


    Don <

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