7~30 ~~~ Cherry Flowers Almost to Blossom



~~~ Special gift from early spring, although it’s still cold outside!


{I’m sorry that it has taken so long for me to return to regular posting. From now on I hope to post more often, as promised earlier.}


Wishing you and your loved ones an inspiring, blessed weekend to come Insh!


3 thoughts on “7~30 ~~~ Cherry Flowers Almost to Blossom

  1. oh this is such a beautiful photo, tabarakalla!…we still have some snow here:( any spring on the way to you?) I’m sorry if I confused you with the term “Galette”;) here it means something which is round and stacked like these potatoes!

  2. Thank you, Jenmuna dear! Here we also have lightly snowy days, although the snow still doesn’t seem to ‘stay’ with us. And some days in between there’s more bird song and sunshine and that keeps my gaze towards the spring to come Insh. In German I’d never heard of “Galette” before, although here in Holland you can indeed find cookies with exactly the same name.

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