~Kitchen love~

All of these pictures are from last year when I discovered an amazing bread recipe through Jenmuna and some nice bread mixes from a local garden store as well..

This recipe is lovely, very lovely. {Thank you SO much for sharing, Jenmun!} It requires minimal work and the outcome is a very delicious bakery-like bread with a good crusty crust.

Mai and bread

Mai Bread

Homemade butter

With homemade butter a real treat.

Recipe from The Homemade Pantry {101 foods you can stop buying & start making}, Alana Chernila.

Also a must try! Heavenly and very simple to make!

Bread 2

Bread 3

In the past we once discovered a lovely millers store near our {former} home. Back then I made {lots of} cakes with their special cake mixes. I even did make some bread, but now I’ve come across this wonderful recipe, I think I’ll prefer this method of baking. That means bread mixes from the mill is now {again} on my wish list.. Will let you know when we’ll have some, if you’re interested in seeing some pics..

What I really wanted to share with you is a recipe I’ve found recently. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s full of promises and red roses. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen such gorgeous pictures of the making of a loaf of bread? Only the title makes me wanna run straight ahead to the kitchen!

~Have you discovered some recipes you’d like to share? Or a cooking book you’d like to recommend?

Would love to hear!


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