In the midst of deep pain and sadness it can become a challenge to stay truly and deeply grateful.

When we try to see past those tears and seek out the beauty and light in our lives, a miracle occurs. We start to notice the small, blessed things in life again. A kiss from your love, that toddlers hug, the sweet heavy scent of nearly summer, the sound of busy birds in early morning, raindrops on the roof, special memories you hold dear, the smile of someone you love, a nice cup of coffee or tea.. the list is endless.

All those precious moments are gifts. Gifts to keep in your hart, forever and ever. Even though some of it may end eventually, it stays with you.



Some Blackberries Were Found


Mai near the lake

Lake m


Mai m


We love the lake! Friday late afternoon we went there, just the children and me. Just before the dusk set in, we returned home.

Surrounded by lovely trees,  the lake sings its own song.

It was very nice to be there.

We even found a few blackberries.

With my oldest I’d like to focus more on photography the coming weeks. Personally, I think it’s a gift to have the access to any camera from a very young age. To notice the wonders around us and to capture these precious moments. Gratitude will be cherished this way. The picture of the yellow flower {does anyone know the name of this one?} is taken by my seven year old.

How do you cherish your precious moments? And when you were a child did you already take pictures? I would love to hear your stories!


Taken by Is

Lake mm

Lake mmm


Glimpses old and new

Beauty trees

Mai in the woods






These pictures are already a few weeks old.

We’re fully entering autumn these days and the sun is hiding itself more and more.

Some days however, the sun does peek through and we’re holding unto these precious glimpses.

In the meanwhile focusing more on the home and dreaming about a fresh stack of books to keep us all cozy and busy.


What are you treasuring right now?