A peek at a special Chocolaterie

Olala Chocola

At the chocolaterie

At the Chocolaterie 4

.Bag with Cocolate

At the Chocolaterie 5

At the Chcolaterie 6

At the Chocolaterie 3

At the Chocolaterie 9

Near the Chocolaterie

Last Saturday we went to town and visited some very lovely places. The children had a blast at a grand playground.

It’s located between two rows of houses and if you’re just passing by, it isn’t obvious that behind the houses a very large playground is suited.

After that we got our favourite ice cream {mint and blueberry muffin taste for me!} and visited the woods. I forget to mention {although all the pictures are related!} that we discovered a new shop. It’s a Chocolaterie {chocolate shop} and what was particularly nice about it, was the fact that you could get a very nice peek at the making of chocolate{!} As a homeschooling mom, I’m often on the hunt for interesting things for the children. And this really was a great way of letting them gain a very good insight into the chocolate making process. The lady of the shop was very kind to us and let the children come {very} close to the machines, with me just behind them. At one point, my youngest daughter actually put her finger in the chocolate {ahum}. Did I already mention my kids are very fond of everything chocolate?

All with all a special experience and of course some amount of chocolate also got home with us. {They didn’t last long enough to take pictures! Sorry!}


~Have you been discovering some new places you wouldn’t want to forget? Tell in the comments, if you’d like! Thank you!



Snapshots {and Recipe Homemade Squash Soup}

Mai and soup

My youngest happily listening to a special gift and we had two days in a row delicious squash soup {recipe below!}

Sending a card

Love this card. It’s so full of promise and warmth.

Art lesson

Home school art lesson for my seven year old, Charlotte Mason style. {This one is from Carl Larsson and is called “Getting ready for a game”}


Glimpse from cozy knit and tiny handbag, while waiting with Mai during swimming lesson.

Horses Mai

The horses come along with us almost every time.

Pompoen soep

Simple, yet de-li-ci-ous squash soup again, recipe below:

Homemade squash soup


* Olive oil

* Freshly ground black pepper and salt {I use a Fair trade sea salt mix with green herbs}

* Pinch of {organic} curry powder

* Sesame seeds

* Onion {small snippets}

* Two gloves of garlic {squeezed}

* Organic Red Kurri pumpkin {Halved, peeled, deseeded and cut into chunks}

* One medium sized potato {I’ve just recently discovered ‘Pommes Gourmandine’, very tasty French potatoes}

* 1/1,5 liter vegetable stock

* lemon, to taste

* One full teaspoon thick {Melvita} honey

* Fresh parsley {finely chopped} / dried mussel herbs {both optional}

*Additional sea salt


Put olive oil, garlic and onions in your favorite pan over high heat. Add salt, pepper and curry powder to taste.

After {half} a minute, reduce the heat to medium and pour in the {peeled and chopped} potato and squash chunks.

Keep stirring till the vegetables have soften a bit, then add sesame seeds and stock.

Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and cook until potato and squash are ready. {For about 15 to 20 minutes}

Use blender until the squash is almost completely mashed.

Add honey, lemon and if desired fresh parsley / mussel herbs.

Keep on the stove for another two minutes.

Taste and add additional salt.


Some Blackberries Were Found


Mai near the lake

Lake m


Mai m


We love the lake! Friday late afternoon we went there, just the children and me. Just before the dusk set in, we returned home.

Surrounded by lovely trees,  the lake sings its own song.

It was very nice to be there.

We even found a few blackberries.

With my oldest I’d like to focus more on photography the coming weeks. Personally, I think it’s a gift to have the access to any camera from a very young age. To notice the wonders around us and to capture these precious moments. Gratitude will be cherished this way. The picture of the yellow flower {does anyone know the name of this one?} is taken by my seven year old.

How do you cherish your precious moments? And when you were a child did you already take pictures? I would love to hear your stories!


Taken by Is

Lake mm

Lake mmm


8~30 ~~~~ Near the mill

Near the mill


~ A day in Autumn which reminds me of the special places we visited near our old home.


Today is special to me because it’s my 26th birthday. Every day is indeed a Gift from Him, filled with His Love and presence. I’m very grateful for four extraordinary gifts He has given me, namely my beloved husband and our three precious children. Although life doesn’t always come to us as we may expect or wish for in the beginning, all is good and all is Grace!

Let’s try not to forget and count His Blessings, remember His Greatness and be patient, grateful and humble.


~What are you grateful for right now?