In the midst of deep pain and sadness it can become a challenge to stay truly and deeply grateful.

When we try to see past those tears and seek out the beauty and light in our lives, a miracle occurs. We start to notice the small, blessed things in life again. A kiss from your love, that toddlers hug, the sweet heavy scent of nearly summer, the sound of busy birds in early morning, raindrops on the roof, special memories you hold dear, the smile of someone you love, a nice cup of coffee or tea.. the list is endless.

All those precious moments are gifts. Gifts to keep in your hart, forever and ever. Even though some of it may end eventually, it stays with you.



In Green and Blue




In greenn

In green

Italian restaurant

Candle light


Sometimes inspiration doesn’t seem to thrive, even though

you’ve visited the cosy Italian restaurant where they serve the most delicious food,

you’ve visited a very beautiful piece of land,

noticed beauty at home…

have your loved ones near and dear..


Would love to hear where you get your inspiration from these days!


And soon,

I’ll share with you some of the great books I’ve read lately. So stay tuned!



Guide to grace

Cloudy at the lake

Have you ever felt like you’re in between? Not completely sure which way to head. In search of the most suited path for you and your family. In need of a strong guide. A guide who takes you by the arm and leads you to grace.

I know I’ve been there. Ten years ago I couldn’t have imagined the road where we’re on right now in our lives. I’m very grateful for where we are, although at times it can be overwhelming and hard. But I know everything contains blessings and a wisdom only The Most Loving can see clearly.

How do I find the strength to leave the worries behind and begin to live by faith more. Like a Glow that enlightens me, refreshes me, carries me through all things to a safe haven. With the stars above me, the wind around me, the earth with all its richness, His Love feels near. Very near.