Snapshots {and Recipe Homemade Squash Soup}

Mai and soup

My youngest happily listening to a special gift and we had two days in a row delicious squash soup {recipe below!}

Sending a card

Love this card. It’s so full of promise and warmth.

Art lesson

Home school art lesson for my seven year old, Charlotte Mason style. {This one is from Carl Larsson and is called “Getting ready for a game”}


Glimpse from cozy knit and tiny handbag, while waiting with Mai during swimming lesson.

Horses Mai

The horses come along with us almost every time.

Pompoen soep

Simple, yet de-li-ci-ous squash soup again, recipe below:

Homemade squash soup


* Olive oil

* Freshly ground black pepper and salt {I use a Fair trade sea salt mix with green herbs}

* Pinch of {organic} curry powder

* Sesame seeds

* Onion {small snippets}

* Two gloves of garlic {squeezed}

* Organic Red Kurri pumpkin {Halved, peeled, deseeded and cut into chunks}

* One medium sized potato {I’ve just recently discovered ‘Pommes Gourmandine’, very tasty French potatoes}

* 1/1,5 liter vegetable stock

* lemon, to taste

* One full teaspoon thick {Melvita} honey

* Fresh parsley {finely chopped} / dried mussel herbs {both optional}

*Additional sea salt


Put olive oil, garlic and onions in your favorite pan over high heat. Add salt, pepper and curry powder to taste.

After {half} a minute, reduce the heat to medium and pour in the {peeled and chopped} potato and squash chunks.

Keep stirring till the vegetables have soften a bit, then add sesame seeds and stock.

Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and cook until potato and squash are ready. {For about 15 to 20 minutes}

Use blender until the squash is almost completely mashed.

Add honey, lemon and if desired fresh parsley / mussel herbs.

Keep on the stove for another two minutes.

Taste and add additional salt.



Fresh beginnings


Hamdoelillâh a few very busy weeks we’ve had! Making Hijrah has been one of our dreams the past years {and still is, if it is Allâh’s will}; reason while we nearly moved twice. While we often think we can plan our ways like we want them to come out, we are often faced with the fact that we indeed can’t. Allâh is The Planner and He arranges everything in the universe and beyond. If we are able to see through and be patient– under all circumstances- and most of all- be thankful– very thankful, He shall guide us and bestow us with His Grace. This is so important for us to hold close so we shall never forget. His Wisdom is Sublime, which means we can trust Him– always. I pray to Allâh that He will show us His Mercy and that we shall never be and become neglectful of all His gifts to us. So we may remember that no matter what happens to us– there is Grace and Trust and Comfort– so that our tears– if they fall into our laps- shall turn into sweet ones. Sweet tears filled with honor and hope.

Now that the busy weeks are finally lying behind us, we are sooo happy! All Praise is to Allâh alone.

He gave us a very nice- almost new home. A home with many sparkling and fresh colors. A home with cozy floors. A home wherein we hope to fulfill many good things, like homeschooling our children en living as natural as we can. A home to be thankful for.               

We didn’t move to another house although it sometimes felt that way; we tackled the walls and the floors and some old things in our home that we didn’t like to keep any more. But how fresh and new it all felt! It makes such a difference whether the walls are painted or not. We used to have wallpaper for many years and now almost every room is decorated with bright paint, mashaAllâh.

May Allâh bless our families and homes and make us of the pious ones, the ones He loves. And may He strengthen our love for Him, so we shall make it our top priority in life. And May He guide and protect our children and keep their hearts filled with kindness and care. Ameen.