In the midst of deep pain and sadness it can become a challenge to stay truly and deeply grateful.

When we try to see past those tears and seek out the beauty and light in our lives, a miracle occurs. We start to notice the small, blessed things in life again. A kiss from your love, that toddlers hug, the sweet heavy scent of nearly summer, the sound of busy birds in early morning, raindrops on the roof, special memories you hold dear, the smile of someone you love, a nice cup of coffee or tea.. the list is endless.

All those precious moments are gifts. Gifts to keep in your hart, forever and ever. Even though some of it may end eventually, it stays with you.



Love, although thousand of miles away..

Love is so very strong.

Held close by Allâh, although thousand of miles away, it feels as if they’re actually very near. The depths of the heart, love awakens there. It is the heart where we keep the love, the special memories. The kisses, the pain. The grace. The ordinary, extraordinary. The heart becomes a basket, filled with emotions, memories, wisdom, keys. A very special kind of basket indeed. Unique and protected by The All Mighty, Bestower of Gifts.

What a special gift the heart is.

The love.

Truly beautiful.



Thank you so much Allâh.


Thank you, thank you.


I love You and I’m truly grateful for the loved ones You’ve brought into my life. As special gifts. I love them so much, even when miles stretches between us, they’re close to my heart. This is Your Gift.

~~~ The Gift of Life ~~~

Life is beautiful


Life is special, extraordinary


Life is a gift


Life can be so hard at times


Life is something so precious


May the Most High bless you in your life


May He bestow your life with love, spirituality, care


May your loved ones be there to comfort you


To cherish each other


And most of All




The King


The Most Loving




Gentle of all


The one Who made you, loves you and protects you


May we strengthen our Imân {faith}


May we fully trust Him


Rely on Him


Love Him


Run to Him