Sunlight ~ through ~ Leaves

Tree Ploegstr with Grace


April 2

Woods city

Woods city 2

Woods city 3

Today I’ll just leave you with a few very inspiring links:


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A peek at a special Chocolaterie

Olala Chocola

At the chocolaterie

At the Chocolaterie 4

.Bag with Cocolate

At the Chocolaterie 5

At the Chcolaterie 6

At the Chocolaterie 3

At the Chocolaterie 9

Near the Chocolaterie

Last Saturday we went to town and visited some very lovely places. The children had a blast at a grand playground.

It’s located between two rows of houses and if you’re just passing by, it isn’t obvious that behind the houses a very large playground is suited.

After that we got our favourite ice cream {mint and blueberry muffin taste for me!} and visited the woods. I forget to mention {although all the pictures are related!} that we discovered a new shop. It’s a Chocolaterie {chocolate shop} and what was particularly nice about it, was the fact that you could get a very nice peek at the making of chocolate{!} As a homeschooling mom, I’m often on the hunt for interesting things for the children. And this really was a great way of letting them gain a very good insight into the chocolate making process. The lady of the shop was very kind to us and let the children come {very} close to the machines, with me just behind them. At one point, my youngest daughter actually put her finger in the chocolate {ahum}. Did I already mention my kids are very fond of everything chocolate?

All with all a special experience and of course some amount of chocolate also got home with us. {They didn’t last long enough to take pictures! Sorry!}


~Have you been discovering some new places you wouldn’t want to forget? Tell in the comments, if you’d like! Thank you!



Love, although thousand of miles away..

Love is so very strong.

Held close by Allâh, although thousand of miles away, it feels as if they’re actually very near. The depths of the heart, love awakens there. It is the heart where we keep the love, the special memories. The kisses, the pain. The grace. The ordinary, extraordinary. The heart becomes a basket, filled with emotions, memories, wisdom, keys. A very special kind of basket indeed. Unique and protected by The All Mighty, Bestower of Gifts.

What a special gift the heart is.

The love.

Truly beautiful.



Thank you so much Allâh.


Thank you, thank you.


I love You and I’m truly grateful for the loved ones You’ve brought into my life. As special gifts. I love them so much, even when miles stretches between us, they’re close to my heart. This is Your Gift.