Our Family




My name is Tasneem {Tesnîm} and I’m married to my dear Emîn. Together we have three precious children, named ‘Îsa, Hawâ’ and Maimoonah.

As a family of five, we’ve embarked on the home schooling road and we’re loving it so far. We feel very blessed to have discovered this journey, Hamdoelillâh.


I love to surrounds us with vintage/handmade style, to drink sweet Moroccan tea, to eat a lot of blueberries & cherries in the summer. Our way of life is Islâm, with gratitude and strength, seeking simple and natural living.


Through this space I’ve discovered that I love photography; love to take creative pictures of our everyday life that leave room for imagination and wonder.


I love reading books as well, both with and without my children. Me and books, we have kind of a love affair I can tell.

And through home schooling you’re truly enriched with the opportunity to surround your little ones with the living books, books that take you on a fascinating journey. So this is what we love to do. Seeking beautifully illustrated books that carry a deeper meaning and provide a closer and more pure look to the beauty that surrounds us everywhere.

And while we read the atmosphere always becomes calm and quiet. That’s a blessing for us mama’s !


Besides that I love to sew, knit, cook, travel and wandering through nature. In this stage of our life we live very near the woods, for which we are so very grateful. Now we can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere any time of the year, InshaAllâh!


My dream is to one day having a family farm, along with chickens and a horse and a lot of flowers. Dreams keep you passionate, sharp and focussed. Trust in Allâh and He will make a way for you. Be grateful and you will blossom in your own unique way!


My writings and pictures keep my eye on the Gifts we receive {small and big}, on the power of the positive, the blessings we receive each and every day, even during times of hardship. So when tears come, they will turn into sweet ones, washed away through His Musk.


While reading here, make yourself at home; drink your tea or coffee while reading. I truly  hope you’ll enjoy your time here.


You can reach me at-> hawadah{at}live.nl

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, we are to be reached at

{ Three Cherries}

P.O. Box 6512

4802 HM Breda, The Netherlands.

Tea Old Home

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